Sally Petersen


“Women must write their own stories if they wish to be known. The world won't do it for them. Their families will see what they want to see, their lives will morph into those of their offspring and husbands.


That was the path I’d stepped onto so lightly in Vancouver when I quit work for which I’d been trained and which I loved….”


I May Never Get to Petra

One reviewer calls them “witty, provocative, always appealing.” In this satisfying little book, Sally offers her readers another collection of “miniatures,”  brief observations about life.

Each miniature is a peek into one of my rooms, she says, into what I observed or felt at the time. These are rooms we may share—travel, work, living with nature, family, moving. The miniature won’t tell you everything about my room, but it may set you to thinking. You might have reacted differently, or maybe not. Either way, the dialogue begins… Find out more...


Former journalist, columnist, and essayist, Sally was reared in the plains of Nebraska and now makes her home in the wine country between Oregon’s coast and mountains with her husband, Jim, also a writer. Meet Sally...